Hope you enjoy /(=


Hello Everybody and Good morning!
And Welcome, welcome to the F1rst day of the world we are trying to Create (=

I will be Catching the 7:15am Bus from Lismore to Byron Bay Arriving at 0855
where I will be making my way from the Bus station to Main Beach where I will perform a

FlASh MoB, Do a lil Dance and pick up any rubbish i see along the way while meeting new friends and having a great day.h

so if November 11th is a Day youtr free, i invite thee to come ah hang with M3.

For once thats done i’ll head back to Lissy to FM Pillow Fight on the streets of LA – Hahah I wish,
Then off to Ninbin to Bush Theatre for Dinner with the Artist and then MoVie ByT35!

An Exxtravaganza of Fun, Film, an Dancing, That will leave you wanting More (=

plus a couple of surprises along the way (;
IF U would like to know more, please click on the cards below.




Key LA = Lismore Area

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