The F1RST Flash Dance

Every 11th! and Especially when an 11th is on a Weekend /(=

The Flash Dance is my way of Bridging differences and bringing people together to come out of their Shells (=

Below is the Dance Sequence – Please familiarise yourself with it and feel free to come join in with us or do you own somewhere at some point in time (=

ESPECIALLY on the 11th of Each Month! Why the 11th – Click to Find out more

On this 11 we will be walking a certain pattern in a park, once CapTin Arrives at the middle we will do the dance,
followed by a slow motion pillow fight, picking up any mess we may of made and vanishing.

Here is the pattern we shall be making /(=
click here for The Pattern video.


If you would like to be involved fill out this form

look forward to seeing you on the field.

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