LUKE STone 140706

This Surrealness passes over me as I look at the date. The 6th. …. The date I’ve peen waiting for for so long. Where was I supposed to be today. Sydney. where wasI!
Sydney. But not Flying out, home to Van,n home to My girls(gym) home to my friends, home to Johnny an STave! home to Shambhala, & burning Man. And that wonderful place where we spend our days an our time/Life looking an longing for to be at again. Wreck.

My heart breaks writing this is memories of STALVIN n SYD n Darby Peterson n Rose Pheasant cruising in style, n adventures with Nili Waterlily or a night in with David Abey or Đahlya ĐeathĘater, or filming with Johnny Erwin n many more precious Moments

Changed.. What for. My niece, my aunty, my family. As much as I tried it still wasn’t enough, I didn’t make it in time..,
Who do I miss, my friends,who are my family in Van, but this is what family is for, to be there for each other. An yes, even though families an members don’t always get along. There is no stronger blood than that of a STone.
Which is a self reflection of why I’m sad, not because I didn’t go, but because even though I stayed I couldn’t make it(& with a family that comes together in times of needs I can’t emphasize how important it is to come together for good things, times, memory’s and occasions, because memories are what keep us going, memories are what motivates us, drives us,
Without our memories. We are just shells or Boxes.

But hay!
Who doesn’t love a good box

And whenever life gets u down, just remember

(No reply’s please, just likes to show U saw)

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