insilico plan

Hello Everybody Involved 😀
I Thought I would make this page for you to help you on the day.
If you are unable to do something please let me know.

Martin – Music and Technical
Pheobe Great and welcome – Help Martin? get them headphones ( and pass over ID or Keys) then direct them to Sign in

Sunita and Zeb – Could I ask that you two man  Look after the Sign in station and Distribute Gloves, Bags, and anything, else.
(We have 5 Pick up sticks – so hold on to those who ask or are finicky)

Also do you have a markee? that we could put up?


Phill and Katie – I would like/love you two to be “excited patrons”, “Leaders on the dance floor” if there is a funky move, like the bus driver, shopping trolley or even the sprinkler, and a song you like, can you leave what your doing and join the dance area  to celebrate that dance.

Millie  – Join in with Phill and Katie if you like and then over see the sculpture. – Are you still wanting to do that?

If so AWESOME, Thank you, at the end I would love to have a sculpture and then use our white bags to make a smiley face around the sculpture.


I have 4 sharps containers – Who would like to be sharps handeler? 


Heres a list of our Prizes & supporters
PRIZES – we have prizes for 
BEST DANCE moves  – double passes to bearfoot bowls
Best Dressed – A special hat from Steampunk Nakedclocks
Most rubbish collected – double passes to Barefoot bowls
Furtherest scavenged(take a photo once there) – 20 min massage

extra prizes – chilli spice, handcrafted necklace & a magazine rack.


And after they have participated at the end when they come back to return Headphones we will let them know that they can get discounted

bratwurst, anything from ohmadefood, icecream and coffee as long as the bring thier own mug/cup.



Luke arrive at 9 to set up toilets and van and sign
Team arrives at 9:30 (please and Thank you)
Set up sign in sheets and table
Markee? /shade -tables n chairs
Water – drinking & hands
Towels /first aid kits
Funmaker Van


Pheobe introduction and hello


Welcome everyone, 
let them know that they will go to get their headphones first, 
followed by signing in and then rubbish collecting equipment.

Then I will do an Induction at 10 – covering these points

Keep it safe
No good hurting yourself over one piece of rubbish
We would like to do more
– if it’s too far for u – don’t worry
– if it’s too heavy for u – Don’t worry 
– if it’s a sharp – put up your hand so one of us can come get it 

(point to those nominated????)
– little people stay with big people
– stick to your level of ability
– stay in pairs – so if one gets hurt, the other can get help.
Check your step before you step
If you are in thongs/please be extra careful

ADVANTAGOUS – River bank
Super keen – the bush line
Eagle eyes – the plains
Aware – around the edge
– if your not cleaning the plains we suggest having one ear open for your safety.

If you haven’t already signed in please do so
Please closed shoes
Green will be the kids channel
Red n blue may have the occasional word in it as I didn’t write the music – I hope that’s ok.
and Is everyone ok with being filmed an photographed (=
as we would like to take this opportunity to get some footage so that we can invite more people! 
If there is anyone, please come an let us know and we will do our best to do so or we can blur u out later, just let us know what works for you.

Please check your ID or keys for your headset(as we don’t want to be looking for any of them later)
And then return headset for them at end.
Channel changer left
Volume n power on the other.
If there’s a song you wanna dance to! Put down your bags an Dance!



THE SCULPTURE (if you would like to introduce this Millie – let me know and ill hand off to you) (if not I will)
* point to frame *

“As and added Bonus”

If you find a piece you would like to add. Please do so & then let us know why you choose that piece.

“NOW at a certain Point in time you will be asked to FREEZE and you will hear a Alarm sound once you hear it, you cant move again until the same sound is played – Play sound out load.

Feel free to join in


again thank you for coming and enjoy the flight.
at which point i thought id lead a quick game n stretch.




We then play the music and let the clean up begin


Phill n Katie to be In area(dance area) ready to freeze.
Freeze – flyby happens
LEAD SOME RANDOM MOVES – incorporating the gloves an rubbish drop from overtopping


return headphones 

Now thank you for coming. Earth, the Realartworks, Funmaker, NTMC & I Very much appreciate you for coming and making today so special.
But mostly I would like to Funmaker an Realartworks and all the small business that have helped me over the last few weeks.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
As a thank you these markets stalls will give you a discount price off your purchases today an all you need to do is say your on the CapTins Lyst /(=
Prize Lyst
Yummy bratwurst
Shoza goza
Oh Made food
Minion Falls Ice cream
& three hearts coffee if you brought your own coffee cup 


 Give out PRIZES 

mAnimal craft – necklace
The Chilè Banditos Рspice
Music bizare – CD pack *
Magazine Rack *
Steampunk naked clocks – hat
Greg Barns – massage
BFB – 4pass *


Don’t forget to sign out
Peace love and jellyfysh



The Process & where we are at. 
Today I picked up some recyled 2×4 to make the frame for the art piece. Also Bunnings donated, some gloves, extra bags, rubbish tongs and cones.

I will be arriving at the sight at 9am to set up the bathrooms which have kindly been donated by Lismore Palms Caravan site.
and then setting up the banner and sign in table.

Then I will start setting up cameras 



( I will be trying to get shots of these things so if you see the opportunity, please get some)
 – Air shots cleaning up
– Close ups of picking up rubbish
 – Videos of dancing
 – Photos of dancing
 – Photos of people picking up rubbish, Holding Rubbish,  –  –  –
 – aTimelapse of day
 – Timelapse of art piece

Video of Why ppl choose that piece to add to art sculpture.
  – Final shot of bags in smile – zooming out.
 – Some pans and some walkthroughs
 – Freeze FLY BY 

people saying – film
Why they choose that rubbish item
How their experience was

If anyone would like to help me film or photograpp, please let me know