CL – CAPTINS LOG /(= 140207

Today was an absolutely amazing Day.
Down by 2 an up at 7:30
Breakfast n chores for my grandma .
A final pack n out the door by 12:34
Dropped at Bateman’s Bay round about heading to Canberra and picked up by an amazing group of multicultureness and awesomeness who not only went past waving, turned around and came back to get me (and my Stuff)
So we fit it all in a sedan – a black roller bag, a travel back pack, projector bag, entertainment and a Personal, big Thanks to go to Nicole, Hope, Jemma an Micheal, for getting the party started (;
Dropping me on the outskirts of Watson, I called around to see if I could Lynk in with anyone, unfortunately not this time round.

However A token was hidden on sight and located, there will be rewards for found tokens from meow on /(= not to mention the most wonderful outburst of kindness a lady coming over an offering me a donation to get home. I refused but she insisted so I’m going to put it towards mums night tonight (=

But Before I could even finish my calls a Huge van pulls up to be my night in big white van…. armor. An offers me a Ryde to Sydney, suddenly off I go.
Wait time about an hour.

For Meow I am safe an sound but need some rest
More updates coming soon

Peace Love an J3LLYFY5H