AND WELCOME (= welcome to the 11th

I invite you to download the audio tape that goes with today.
I have included Some Tunes! and instructions to listen along to.
when 8888 song comes on,
Those of you who wish to dance are welcome to join in and do our
Flash Mob With us.
0900 Arrive in Byron
0911 Make my way threw the town meeting people and inviting.
1000 know your Artists /(=
1030 Gather and Get ready – Separate into two teams
A – picks up rubbish        B – Flash Mobbers
1100 Start Cleaning up Rubbish
1111 Team of Flash Mobers intercpet an Vanish
1130 Clean up “Finishes” and talks begin
After the Clean up I welcome you to come and talk to me and have a conversations with me about how you would like to see the world grow to be
And IF you would like, you can even play “Pick a Card”

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