Hello there,
We are looking for business who would like to volunteer their Time and support for a couple of different things.
(= help us collect ring pulls
(= Lend your time to help clean up the streets, waterways and parks of Australia, in whatever way they see possible for them to facilitate.

This could be as simple as lending your personal time to pick up rubbish, or as big as offering a service of yours as a reward for those who picked up the most rubbish (=

Thank you for taking the time to look at this page.
In return, your Business card will be available below for others to see that you helped and linked back to your business.
Here are current businesses supporting Ring Pull Collections
In Lismore
Kol’s Kebabs, Black Sombero, Magic Noodle, Tropicarna, The Loft, Lismore Pie Cart, Millers Bakery.
IF you would like to Participate 

Click the support form below.

the form is great for if you are in a hurry but would still like to be involved,
its as simple as fill in questions and press send /(=

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