i no ur not feeling good,

an I wish I was there,

to hold UR hand n snuggle u like a tickle bear XD

sitting under the rain, n inside by tha Fire.

ill hold UR heart.

till Death Do us Part.


(well if need be =D )


We’ll in my arms U’ll fit perfectly. N light
Snuggled in and me holding you tight.
Ill kiss your neck
N whisper sweet something’s in ur ears
Our hands intertwine
N our hearts draw near.
The simple perfection of our first kiss
Will be soft n subtle n something
Ill always miss.
I’d kiss you softly n sweep you away
Lifting u off your feet, n helping I float away.
Our lips are won
And our body’s are twinned
With a kiss so passionate,
N so sweet, ur body shudders n quivers
An although intertwined and tangled we are.
Our kiss is soft, like the clouds above.
Our fingers wonder an enlace us more.
As we dance this duo,
N blend into one.
Our eyes open wide and We breath each other in,  Looking in our eyes,
We see into our souls, of love n light
Burning so bright our worlds unite.
My fingers run threw your hair and I kiss your soft nape (making sweet love with you, on our f1rst date =)
Happy valentines day MWAH