Good Morning Loved ones of Mum.

The Last few days have been Very difficult, struggling, enduring, relieving, changing.
Hopefully this can bring you up to speed, please excuse the lack of call to everyone, it is nothing but needing to contain myself to be there for my mum = ) =
What Does Mum Have?
Mum has a broken Liver that is unable to Process, basically anything other than the basic of Raw fruits and Vegetables – And Being that Chocolate comes from a leaf that is part of a plant, it is there-fore part of a Salad! Just FYI (=
She also has ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) which means she has no Platelets (platelets being the element that stops one bleeding) and basically the ability to regenerate.
A stomach ulcer – which is causing her Pain from the simplist things of eating and moving. But most of all, due to her Liver Failure she now has
Ascites – Where the liver starts releasing Fluid and basically can build up, causing internal drowning if not “Taped/Drained”. Releasing the Pressure, Here is a Link I found with more information.
Once somebody has reached this point, it decreases there life span from 90% to Less than 50%, the more often the repeat Taps, the Worse off she will be.
and Finally, She has Hep C – Which has its positives and Negatives.
Positive being that if Someone passes who has a liver and Hep C, Shes on the top of the list, negative if someone passes and dosnt have it, the liver would go to someone “more Healthier” so it depends on many Variant’s from personal health and Lifestyle.

on Monday, Mum was referred to a specialist in Ballina,
on Tuesday, Mum was called to check into Lismore Base Hospital
on Wednesday, I dropped mum in there.
On Thursday, they gave her blood and Platelets (Platelets at 30 currently)
on Friday, they drained/Tapped her for 3600 ml of Fluid,
(This relief has completely relived mum to speak, I can see the soft gentle Anna in her eyes, she is her again, we have had two Tight Squeezing hugs and even a few Tears.
Today, (Saturday) – went in to see the Dr “Hope” after being informed he would be there.
Unfortunately he didn’t come in all day until this evening, he had good news though.
Mum should be returning home tomorrow (Hopefully)

With a Total of 4.6Lts of Ascites

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