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Yeah 9 fucking weeks I’ve stayed up here trying day after day to set things right!
Yesterday an the day before I could of and should of!
But didn’t!
Because I didn’t want to subject myself to the horrible things you say and the things you do!
That when ppl say – why do u let her speak to u that way
I say that it’s because of your liver and that your fine once you’ve eaten!
But like always you believe that everybody is against you,
Where not!
Ur just caught up thinking we are(my opinion)
/(= Don’t save more than 1 item to your clip board
/(= You don’t need to see your clipboard
It’s just a tempory holding place for you to “copy” an item or LYNK to another location.
/(= Cut – removing a LYNK to place it somewhere else
/(= Copy – making a duplicate of a LYNK
To place elsewhere
/(= Paste – the process of taking then Cut or Copied LYNK from your “imaginary Clipboard an placing in its new location
/(= to select something to copy
Place ur finger/mouse over the selected writing or image until the words or a highlight bar appears (there will be controller points that let you edit start an end points to copy!
Once selected area – choose Cut or Copy
/(= when pasting – place finger/mouse over position where u would like to paste
– hold finger until option comes up
Select paste

140214 – Valentines day

Hi Mum
Happy Valentines Day!

What would you like to do

Here Are some suggestions
/(= go to earth Frequencies
(We will make it happen)
/(= come over and hang out, watch Movies, board games, drawings an arts n crafts, OR
/(= get your hair and make up done from Reikan and GO CRASH A WEDDING!

/(= well can go camping Next week

ALSO IM ABOUT TO COOK BREAKY should I bring it up or would u like to come down?