Hey Mate,

Really enjoyed seeing you yesterday.

So glad to catch up, not sure when I’m heading your way again but would love to catch up and spend some more time with you and Eli!

hows the Beanie Fit 😀

also what are some of your favourite Artists, Groups, bands/ Songs?

really curious to what you like and are into.


THIS IS YOUR PRIVATE PAGE – www.ntmc.co/jed – If you would like to showcase yourself privately in a way for just close friends,
let me know what you would like here and i can put it there for you. Love ya.

Bon,Luke,Cele, Nana,Riss,Jed,Eli

Bon,Luke,Cele, Nana,Riss,Jed,Eli


Heres something I made for you 😀

Click Here –> BDAY CARD To View

– If you Click the 8888 on the left it will take you to the Home page and you can check out some of my favourite music,
– If you Click the 8888 on the right it will take you to Gems personal Page and her daily Logs, Im not sure if you ever got to see them, but thought you might like to.

have a Great Day Luke



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