Fwd Lynk Welcome Page

Hey mate ,
i fiddled and fiddled and everytime i thought i was about to give up, i would do another step and feel like i was getting somewhere.

here is all the images reverse, could you please let me know what im missing or not doing?

i went to welcome page, viewed the source, played and could move their transforms 

could edit their links 
and where they take you.


but for the love of me, i couldn’t  find the editable document, that had all the coding in it.

nor did i know the exact line of code to rotate the image 180 degrees on two rotations and i tried for ages with that in the source page. but to no avail.

would love to know how to do this for future, but could you make this LYNK FWD
and keep the older one so that i can use it again when i wish?

Thank you

and Thank you.