160300 – Compulation

community – The Flash Dance

The Flash Dance is my way of Bridging differences and bringing people together to come out of their Shells (=

Below is the Dance Sequence – Please familiarise yourself with it and feel free to come join in with us or do you own somewhere at some point in time (=

ESPECIALLY on the 11th of Each Month! Why the 11th – <a href=”http://ntmc.co/mics/”>Click to</a> Find out more

On this 11 we will be walking a certain pattern in a park, once CapTin Arrives at the middle we will do the dance,
followed by a slow motion pillow fight, picking up any mess we may of made and vanishing.

Here is the pattern we shall be making /(=
click here for <a href=”http://ntmc.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/The-Pattern.mp4″>The Pattern</a> video.

<a href=”http://ntmc.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/The-Pattern.mp4″><img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1092″ src=”http://ntmc.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Pattern.jpg” alt=”Pattern” width=”426″ height=”480″ /></a>

look forward to seeing you on the field.

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Moving – WOW, Earth!

What a wonderful planet we live on in an incredible universe. I mean Guess what!
we finally descovered Water on mars, which means only a few more years.. till we can get up and move planets.
I mean thats essentially what well have to do unless we start looking after this one.

Check back here to see updates on how our planet is going.



Together – Here is anything that brings us together!
and my favourite thing that brings us together is.

I love all Forms of Music, Art and Life,
So over the next lil bit i will do my best to take you on a journey
of discovery, about myself, Others, our Land and most importantly.

the Journey that Artists Take to get from where they started and F1RST Decided that they would take this path,
to where they are now. This month I Follow OKA!

OKA Campout #5 Event Page coming Soon! in the meantime click here to find out more

and this is where you will find them next performing close to you.

The OKA Campout is a wonderful family weekend for any age.
unlike your music festival this is more camping with culture, music and Yoga incorperated.
There is a creek that runs along side your camp sight or a pool and lots for the kids to do.
On the Saturday eve, Oka will preform a sunset performance followed by traditional ceramony, a bonus artist
before Oka returns to the stage for a Tantalising “Stomp Your Feet” Session (=
just after 10:30 the stage closes down and the rhythm of the drum circle makes its way out to the “Kitchen”
you may either stay up or sleep for in the morning at just after 9, Julia will take you on a yoga vogue to yourself soundtracked tranquilly by Oka before they do one final Jam in the Jungle.

If you would lie to know more, check back here over the week to see glimpse from past experiences.
$55 for camping Oka and Yoga, $15 for an additional Night

Click here if you are interested

Event info:
Another great weekend is in front of us
The next OKA Camp Out is going to happen on the 16th OCT to the 18th of OCT

fri 16th OCT:
6:30 : share in some traditional cooked food
8pm : enjoy community and light musical jam session @ the Camp kitchen

sat 17th OCT :
8am : early morning Yoga
6pm : traditional welcome ceremony
6:30 : Sunset OKA Concert
7:45 : Special guest (TBA)
8:30 : late OKA concert
10pm: Camp fire & ZzzzZzz

sun 18th OCT :
8am : Morning Yoga & dance to live OKA soundtrack






Networking – Life is all about being in the same place at the same time as someone special you know or are about to know 😀

All we have is ourselves, others, Time and love to share.
Hopefully this can be a portal for you to connect with new found friends and rekindle with old ones.

Please Welcome WOM


Mission statement –

OUR MISSION is to Create Fun, Meaningful Adventures with friends and family.
To create awareness of our surroundings, what where become used to,
compare to where we came.
To help Everyone become.
What, They wish to be when They, GROW Up

BLB8888i151103 BNAVI8capF8888

Captins Log – CapTin’s Log 151016/17/18 OKA Campout Coming Tues 17th of Nov Click here to Check full details on the 27th /(=



CapTin’s Log 151011



Today was Awesome!
I struggled and felt i was coming in from the rear, but then it all came clear and i new what i must do. I ventured to Channon to the markets drew my line, connected my dots Danced with some spots met some wonders and a tinkle of sparkle Dust! Some Real Food and Cultured Shopping then back down the road to stop for a swim, a stroll in the park and some rubbish to boot.

finally home to Clean up what others sew. a pile of rubbish of Tins and Cans and plastics and paper all dropped around this road side spot. but do we ever think as we though the rubbish away.
how long will it be before thats back inside of me. drinking it down as it goes down the stream oh i wish we’d all think and thank he or she for the land that we drew. and while where on Thank you. Dear Ezrah and Layla and lovely MC, Thank you for letting me b CapTin NT. So I leave you goodnight and all the pleasentries ive come home to watch a movie and snuggle up with thee. what a great day. lets have an even greater year. Good Nyte All thee J3llies. PLJ